Weeds, Weeds Everywhere
February 18, 2015
Living in the desert, most of us look forward to our rainy times. The rain cools down the air and supplies much-needed water to our lawns and plants, bringing the desert to life. Unfortunately, rain also feeds things we don’t like so much, including weeds. Although weeds are a definite this time of year, there are a few things you can do to keep them at bay.
Do you ever wonder why some of your neighbors never seem to be out in the front yard on their hands and knees pulling pesky weeds? It’s probably because they made the smart choice of treating their yard with pre-emergent. This herbicide prevents the germination of the seeds in weeds, stopping their growth before it starts. In Phoenix, pre-emergent should be applied prior to the first rains, so in November or early December. It can also be reapplied in the spring before the summer rains fall.

Regardless if you have grass or rocks and native plants in your yard, weeds will find a way to come through and overtake your beautiful landscaping. If you’ve opted for a rock lawn over a grass one, one way to cut back on weeds is when you first plan your yard, at which time you should lay down a plastic barrier. Although certainly not foolproof, barriers help to block rain and sunlight from getting through to the ground below, thereby reducing the chances of weed growth.

Once the weeds have reared their ugly heads, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. At that point, you can knock them down with the lawn mower and apply post-emergent. Unlike pre-emergent, that kills weeds before they start, a post-emergent kills them once they are active weeds in the yard. There are different types of post-emergent based on your needs: some kill everything while some target specific weeds. Be sure not to put chemicals that kill everything on a lawn, or you won’t have a lawn for long.

Pulling Weeds
If you haven’t done any of these things or don’t want to use herbicides, you can resort to the tried-and-true method of pulling weeds. Be forewarned, though, that weeds grow fast after a soaking rain, and they also grow strong. If you let them get away from you, will find yourself giving up an entire weekend to pull them out. It’s backbreaking work and not a fun way to spend a couple of days off.

Naturally, the best approach to controlling weeds is to use a combination method. Under rocks, have a plastic barrier and then across the yard, schedule pre-emergent and post-emergent treatment on a regular basis throughout the year based on your needs and your Phoenix lawn service specialist’s recommendations. And you can certainly pull those pesky little stragglers that might make it through, despite your best efforts.

If weeds are a problem for you and you don’t want to pull them all, be sure to call White Knight Lawn Services, your Phoenix lawn service and weed specialists. We will help keep your lawn green and your yard perfectly landscaped — without weeds. Call us at 602-277-2789.